Southport Day One

Continuing Colin and Karens Motorhome cycling adventures, we had a week over at Southport and took the bikes with us, The fact we were  four miles out of the resort and that the route was mainly flat helped me persuade Karen it was a good idea.

I had checked and it was a rise of 11feet over the four miles so told Karen it would be unnoticeable, what I hadn't realised was the rise was almost immediately out of the campsite as the road rose up and over a railway line.

However as we dropped down off the railway bridge the cycle path that was alongside the main road flattened out  and stayed flat all the way to Southport. It was a fairly busy route with a lot of cyclists going in both directions. The route went past the Pontins Holiday Site, which has to be said had seen better days and was looking sad and rundown but still busy.

Its nice to be traffic free but better when its not beside the road like this one is, especially when every so often there are holes in the barriers where a car has crashed through. 

Eventually made it into Southport just as a shower of rain came over Luckily we were close to a shelter and took refuge for a few minute along with everyone else till the shower had passed over. Then we carry on along the nice wide flat shared paths into the town. There was a bike park near the end of the pier so park the bikes and walk around the town as its easier around crowded streets.

There is a lovely park on the seafront and the sun is shining so photo oportunities.


Karen on the bridge over the lake

The swan boats out on the lake

Lots of real swans on the lake

Top of the pier nice hotel and a Casino handy


As we walk up towards the top of the pier we can hear live music there is a singer singing Elvis songs and he sounds pretty good. 
So we walk down to the outside bar where he is just finishing and comes of the stage for photographs.
All the audience love him and there is a queue for selfies with the Elvis impersonator, he spends a lot of time with them and goes around the tables talking to everyone.
Nice chap and a good tribute act.


Elvis with his fans

Great outfit



We have a walk around town centre
Lovely old town and premises


We decide to see if we can get into the Casino dressed in our cycling clothes, Its a Genting Casino and we are members at Newcastle, 
luckily we have our membership cards with us so gain entry no problem.
Nice way to chill for a couple of hours, but we cant stay too late as we have to cycle back.
We retrace our route and find its just as busy with other cyclists  on the return journey.
A slight rise over the railway line and we drop down and into the campsite.
There is a route signed in the opposite direction to Formby we decide we will try iy out later in the week.


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