Alphabet Ride 2006

29th May to 1st June

Berwick upon Tweed Ė Corbridge

(The First Aborted Ride in Ten years)

We did the ride but it was touch and go

The bike ran perfect this year, just the Old Fool pedalling it didnít


OK, on with the ride


We did meet some characters on the way as usual

29th May Bank Holiday Monday

This ride this year was one the best-planned rides of all our campaigns. I had booked the accommodation, recced the route around the Tyne valley, and had my bike serviced and running perfectly. My bike was fine it was just the old fool riding it that had the problem.

I got my stuff ready on the Monday, kit together, maps etc.This year Jill was to drive me and Graeme to Berwick where we were to meet Colin and Karen.

4pm Graeme arrived at Marton le Moor, we loaded up my car I must admit for a bike ride this Mondeo comes into its own, two bikes, kit bags, overnight bags and 3 people no problem.

A lovely sunny afternoon if a little cool and fresh. A steady drive north to Berwick pretty uneventful. Biggest concern was making sure we pointed out the correct junction out to Jill for her return south via Middlesbrough. We arrived in Berwick around 6pm and with a little map reading and one turn around we found the B and B The Roxburgh guest house. Colin and Karen were sitting in the car park waiting for us, although they were booked into a Travel lodge in the town. The Guest house was right on the route. Overlooking the sea front. A lovley setting with a clearview over the North East coast, it was bracing to say the least.

We booked in and the rooms were comfortable. I presume they are undergoing renovations hence the washing machine in the dining room?

Graeme had a good sea front room in fact he was so close if he put his feet out of the window they may get wet. Well almost that close.

Colin and Karen came down to meet us we all squeezed in Colinís Mazda 6 and after a nostalgic ride around Berwick, we were trying to get parked. We settled on the Wetherspoons by the river. Jill Karen and myself got dropped at the door Colin and Graeme parked the car then had a steep walk up hill to meet us.

We had a good night and some decent pub grub, few drinks, plus lots of laughs. Jill is getting to know Colinís and Graemeís sense of humour, mostly at my expense.

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