Tuesday 3rd May

The setting up of the ride.

Today I was to drive up to Colin’s for 6pm collect him and travel over to Graeme’s in Kendal the plan was to cycle from Graeme’s to Arnside then pick our way north to Appleby and plug into the Pennine North Cycle way (described in the Maps and sustrans sites as challenging) they were not kidding. I called at Mum and Dads on the way and after a chat and a small meal I drove over to Colin’s and around 6:30pm bikes were loaded and we drove across to Cumbria arrived around 745 pm.

Bit of Mickey taking and chatting, catching up with the gossip and then the 3 of us walked into Kendal for a couple of Beers and a Wetherspoon’s Steak night. Courtesy of Mum and Dad who gave us some money to have a meal on them.Not all of it was used on the first night Steak, so we decided to use the remainder to celebrate in Hartside cafe after we had cycled up to the summit, one of Mum and Dads favorite stops. Did we do it read on?

We had a good laugh in Wetherspoons althouge it was quiet, I know the next sentence is politically incorrect but. We were being bothered by a guy in a wheel chair who was wanting to butt into the conversation, Graeme said come on lets move upstairs he cant follow us the Lift hasn’t been built yet!

After a couple of beers we strolled back up the hill to Graeme’s house. I managed to trip over a wall and pull Graeme’s wing mirror from his car luckily Colin fixed it in seconds.

When we got in we found Karen (Graeme's wife) had done us a massive packed lunch for the following day.

Around 11pm we all crashed out.

I was in the spare room my usual spot when I stayed over, Colin was in the front room on an airbed.









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