Clyde to the Tyne 99
and an attempt at scottish colours

Accommodation Booked, Bikes serviced, Numerous Phone Calls re arrangements who was picking up who and where,Southwaite or Gretna. Colin has a new full suspension bike bought in France. He had to  redesign  his Foreign Import and luggage rack so it can take his Panniers.

At last it was Friday 9th April and although my bike had developed a front wheel rumble and had to have a tyre change and two Mechanics couldn't diagnose the fault. I was packed and ready to go. The Sun was shining (WAS THAT AN OMEN). Jane came in from work at 4pm we got ready packed for a weekend away then loaded up the bike and en route to Cumbria - It was a pleasant drive via Skipton the dales and South Cumbria we have grooves in the road at the moment between Kendal and Haverigg. We arrived at Graeme's for approx 9 15pm and Emma had done a wonderful Buffet supper which was most welcome.

After last minute phone calls to Colin and Karen (Definitely Gretna) a shot of aquavit(I should have taken the bottle with me it may have helped on the Nic 0 Balloch).To Bed.

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