Introducing the cyclists

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Nickname Wallwaker

Malcolm had the idea and as he lived in North Yorkshire planned it, as he has done every one since, booking accommodation purchasing maps, working out the mileage,using Sustrans routes 
Malcolm is a Sustrans ranger in his local area 
So we have a top notch planner organiser
Malcolm also keeps a diary and writes the logs 



Colin is no good at maps or geography,  has no idea where he is most of the time but is very good at mechanical things due to his time around motor cars

So we have a well qualified  maintenance repairman

Colin also hosts the web site

Nickname Bishop Bullett

Nickname Mr Map


Graeme with his Royal Marine Training is right up on survival techniques is extremely fit and resilient, with advanced first aid certificate

So we have the best map reader and first aid man available.



Stephen son in Law to Colin
Big strong lad always the clown and accident prone
So sure of a laugh when he is on the ride

Christopher Colins other son in Law
 Keen on sport first aid trained, great map reader 
and keeps us all right.

Lee Graeme's eldest son
Great cyclist, builds his own bikes  and very keen. Spends most of his weekends on rough steep downhill tracks

Colin's wife and supporter since the start at the very first ride.
Great cook and advanced in First Aid, very organised and reliable.
Looks like you will have no trouble keeping up with the rest us on that bike Karen !!
2019 Latest recruits from L to R

Colin, Dave, Glen, Bob, Peter




The group keeps growing 
Two more converts from L to R

Trevor and another Colin

Colin to be known as Colin N as the new starter

Trevor is incredible as he is in his mid 70s 











For 2022 C2C ride Colin N was unable to go due to Covid19

emergency stand in Peters nephew Conner.

Managed to fit ride in before going to Oxbridge.

Good luck with your studies. 





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