4 Abbeys ride

W.W.W ride.
  Whirr,Weeze and Wet ride



Whirr  of the electric bike.

Wheeze from the other cyclists on the hills.

Wet because it always rains when we cycle.

I had the plans all sorted for the ride, sent them round our whatsapp group and everyone was happy with them Ian sorts and collects hire van on Saturday, 
arranges to collect 8 cycles and overnight bags over Sunday ready for Monday AM
This year we were using two cars to get the riders to the start locations and the original Mr Map my brother Graeme had been missing his cycling so also joined our group, making ten people nine cyclists and Ian our support driver 

Ride Plans

2023 Cycle ride  Day 1 Kielder Loop 27 Miles

Ian uses van to Collect Colin N, and Dave. Peter uses his car, collects Conner and Bob, 
Graeme B uses his car, brings his bike and collects Glen and Trevor

Meet at Lay by opposite Witton Castle Exit road 8:00 AM
So I can walk to the meeting point

Drive for Approx 2 Hours 66 Miles to 

Kielder Castle Visitor Centre Car Park 2 Castle Drive, Kielder, Hexham NE48 1EP Arrive 10.00 am

Cycle approximately half way and stop at Tower Knowe visitor centre Café 12.00

After Tea stop Carry on Clockwise back to Start point  Approx. 2 Hours 3.00pm

Load Cycles into Van and Head for Jedburgh 

Park in Jedburgh where there is  60 hours free parking so cars can be left for duration of the ride

Stay Royal Hotel Cannongate TD8 6AN B&B 
 Expected arrival time 4.30 - 5.00pm 
Only one place available to dine on an evening so
Evening meal booked for 10 people at 7pm. Taj Tandoori , 51 High St, Jedburgh 


Day 2

Day 2 Tuesday Jedburgh to Melrose 35 Miles

Saddled up ready to start by 10 am

Cycle Jedburgh to Kelso 18 Miles 3hrs arrive 1pm,

Lunch stop 1pm-2pm.

Cycle to Melrose 17 Miles 3 Hrs arrive 5pm


Overnight Stay booked at Kings Arms Hotel, High St, Melrose TD6 9PB, B&B 
 Evening meal booked for 10 people at 7pm in the hotel.


Day 3 Wednesday 27 June 2023 

Melrose to Jedburgh 20 Miles

Saddle up ready to start 10am

Cycle to Jedburgh, arrive for 1pm

Lunch stop 1-2pm

Head off home, arriving back in Bishop 4pm.

Grame B drops off Trevor and Glen 
Peter Drops off Bob and Conner 
Ian drops off Dave and Colin N

Ian hired van until Saturday as It was as cheap for a week as it was for three days hire.

That was the plans all sorted or so I thought.

Peter got in touch suggesting we all chip in and hire Trevor an electric cycle for first day around Kielder as its quite hilly and not an easy ride.

We decided not to tell Trevor so it would be  a nice surprise for him on the day.

The Saturday before the ride Graeme rang me to say he was having car problems so could not use his car. 
He could get a lift through with his bike but that was all.
Quick call to Glen and he agreed he could take his car so problem averted.


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
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