C2C ride


(or Problems for Pedalling Pensioners)


Shortly after finishing the Coast and Castles ride   Everyone was keen to try another in 2022.
After discussing lots of options including end to end as well as a variety of routes from easy to very challenging, we decided on the classic C2C, because that is the one that, when you say you do long distance cycling, everyone asks if you have done that one. Although three of us had done it previously, the other four cyclists hadn't  so were keen to tick it off their bucket list.

The ones who had done it before said "we need to up our training as there were some steep climbs going over the Pennines and through The lake District".
As before Colin B was tasked with organising the holiday. Even though it was only the beginning of January it was not surprising the popular stopping points were unable to accommodate eight people, as they already had lots of bookings, but with a little out of the box thinking, I managed to get accommodation  sorted for the dates required and also a van arranged for our support by Ian as before. Ryan was available again with his mini bus so it all came together very quickly and relatively easily. I was very surprised at this and hoped that it was not going to have a sting in the tail in the future as previous with Covid delays. 

Day one estimate  mileage    44 Overnight stay in Penrith Premier Inn.

Day two estimated mileage   42  Overnight in Stanhope, slightly off route but only place with availability

Day three estimated mileage 41  Finish at South Shields again as the newbies wanted to experience the Tyne Tunnel bike route.

By the end of January we had our first mishap problem. Six of us went out for a short sharp ride taking in a few hills as good training. We had climbed to Kirk Merrington, which is one of the highest points in Co Durham, then dropping down to Spennymoor we had started to spread out. Peter and I hung back with Trevor while the others sped on ahead. As we were approaching the town the others were ahead but all standing around on the path outside Asda supermarket. Glen shouted to slow down as there was a diesel spill on the roundabout. When we pulled up we were told both Colin N and Dave had both come off their bikes. the way Colin N was holding  his arm it looked bad probably a break. We pushed the bikes to Wetherspoons and had a hot drink while we decided on the best course of action. I asked him if he wanted a lift home to which he agreed. While he rang his wife Julie to tell her the news I made a quick telephone call to my wife the ever reliable Karen and she came and took Colin and his bike home.

 Luckily Dave had only minor injuries, just a bit of bruising, so was OK to carry on..
We rode home all slightly subdued, and waited for the update from Colin N on our cycling WhatsApp Group.


Colin N leaving the Hospital Both arms in slings.


That was not good news, suspect two broken arms and a broken bone in the wrist.  Fortunately after a couple of days one arm was found to be just damaged tendon and very badly bruised.
Unfortunately the other one was broken so Colin N is out of action for a while so no training  for a few weeks.

Update from Colin N at end of first week in February after visit to hospital for a progress check.

Left wrist confirmed broken pot has to stay on for 5 more weeks. Right wrist strapped up as X-ray showing an anomaly.
Has to go back in a few days to see specialist who will decide if it needs a cast  fitting.
Not good news. Definitely not what we wanted to hear.


End of Feb update- met up with Colin N he was stating that he had missed all of February for training, we realised that as the weather had been so bad we had not cycled in February either.

Guess we are going to have to up our cycling if we are going to be ready for the C2C.

The day was getting close, due to weather we did not have as much training in as we would have liked, but that was the least of the problems

Colin N had tested positive for Covid 19. Although now clear with the lack of training and covid19 hangover of lack of energy, 
Colin N had to make the painful decision to drop out of the ride just two days before the ride.


The hotels and transport was all booked and paid for so we either go with one less or try to find someone at short notice who can do the ride.

Trying to find a replacement at such short notice was not easy.
Bit of luck Peter has a nephew "Conner" who said he would step in at short notice even though he had not done any long distance rides or training.
However he did have the advantage of youth on his side as he is only in his early twenties.
Welcome to the cycling group Conner

Picked up the hire van on Friday ( its cheaper to hire for a week than three days)
As vehicles no longer display tax discs, Ian as the main driver, decided to check all was in order.
Lucky he did as Van had been out of MOT for three months.
quick call to the hire company and van was taken back to have MOT carried out.
Van passed (no surprise) so we were all set with full numbers again.

Cycle rides never ever go smoothly, guess its part of the fun and the challange.



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