Colin and Karen continue touring Britain by bike and Motorhome


We booked ourselves a week down in Cheddar,
Bikes packed and route planned Sat Nav programmed weather set fair so we set off looking forward to a nice time.

Plan was to see The gorge, the village, Wells, the coast and a cycle ride along the Strawberry Line.

We had picked a nice site, by a river and just half a mile outside the village of Cheddar.
Colin had researched the area and there was an official ride along the "Strawberry Line"
A disused railway line between Shepton Mallet and Clevedon on the coast.
It is planned to be all traffic free for the whole of the route.
However only the section between Cheddar and Yatton was completed by 2018.
This suited us fine as that was 13 Mile each way and probably further than we wanted to ride in a day.

Bike Nav Programmed and we planned to set off on the second day of our stay.


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