Carlisle Trip

Continuing Colin and Karens Motorhome cycling adventures. As the poppies from the Tower of London were on display at Carlisle Castle  we had a weekend over at Carlisle and  again took the bikes with us.
We stayed on a site near Dalston, which was four miles outside Carlisle. However a little research showed a sustrans route that followed the river into Carlisle and came out at the Castle. 

Just a short ride down the road then turn left onto a track that goes over a railway crossing and past a few houses, and the sewerage plant, shame its a hot day phew the smell, how do people live down here.

Nice to see a sign post, unfortunately its more confusing than helpful

I have researched the route and I know its left beside the river, however the sign pointing that way says Cummersdale, Karen sees the sign for Carlisle road and wants to take that route even though its back up the way we have just come. I convince her that as it says Carlisle road its for the road option into Carlisle which neither of us wants to do.


A signpost always helpful

The confusing signpost 

Warm sunny a nice surface and flat, perfect for cycling

Its a lovely ride along beside the river

The sat nav takes us across a nature reserve staying close to the river along the side of an Industrial estate and we come to some houses so we are close to the city. Still hugging the river the sat nav takes us along the side of houses and the railway. Then we have a slight climb from the station carpark and industrial estate  and come out across the road from the Castle, the poppies are visible and do not disappoint. 



The wear on the river very picturesque

The Castle and the poppies are spectacular

Love the way they cascade from the tower

We have to go inside to view the poppies properly. Normally the castle is a pay for entry however during this display its free entry.
We park and lock the bikes against a fence and go for a walk around the castle.
I feel like a Japanese tourist clicking away from every angle, Karen is doing the same.
I have placed some of the better ones below, forgive the OTT number of pictures they don't do it justice.

Cascading down the outer wall

Have to have my photo taken with them

Lovely the way they cascade away from the wall

The splash area at the base of the cascade

Close upof the ceramic poppies

View from inside the castle window.

Standing under the cascade

The upper part of the cascade hitting the first wall

The size of the display is awesome

The point of first splash on the upper wall section


After the castle we view the city and then the cathedral. 
The cathedral is very

Lovely clean stained glass window

Very decorative ceiling

The angels looking down on you

Supposedly the sword that killed Thomas Abecket was in the cathedral 
this is a copy

After the visit we retrace our steps back to the site. 
Its been a great day out and very hot, as we return along the riverbank we find about a dozen lads all lined up on the wear in the river all jumping into the water below, very dangerous guess the cold water shock and dangerous currents message still is not getting through.

We have an uneventful ride back but as usual finish with a climb back to the site.  
There are a lot of cars at the  hall on the edge of the site and we realise they are there for a wedding but although we hang about for a while no sign of the bride.

Then back to the motorhome for drinks and a BBQ wile we watch the sun go down.



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