2014 Day 1


We had decided on day rides in our own locality. 

As we had done Berwick to Tyne we decided to ride home to coast and Tyne to home.

Once again Colin did the planning, choosing a weekend when we were all available 
and put the plan together.

Bike Ride 


Bishop to Hartlepool

  Day One



Distance 43

Map point place


Running Total




at 8 mph = 5hrs 20 min

Bishop Start












Middleton St George




Stockton riverside








Hartlepool Marina




Lee came to Bishop by train and cycled up to Colin's house for the start. Then we rode to Tindale Crossings where we met up with Christopher.
He tells us he has had problems with his brakes and has had to renew them all. Lee and I decide to ride behind him just in case they don't work. 

We ride up to Shildon where we meet up with Stephen.  As there are a lot of options on the route we consult the map at Stephen's 
to decide on a route to take that we all agree on. I want to stick to my original route as I have a new secret weapon. 
A programmable sat nav and computer and I have already programmed the route in.
So we agree we will follow planned route


No, not lost already just a route discussion

The sat nav with Colin's programmed route

As Stephen knows the way across Aycliffe he takes the lead, along beside the railway line and past Locomotion, Railway Museum. 
Across Aycliffe to the bottom of the industrial estate. Stephen has been discussing route with Lee on the way and they call a halt.
They have decided to go the back roads to Middleton St George even though I remind them its hilly,
 The route goes past the Dogs trust then into Sadberge where we stop for a break and a photo call.


Cycling in the sun is thirsty work, but we are not complaining

Statues on the green at Sadberge

Statues on the green at Sadberge

Onward to Middleton St George where we rejoin the route as planned by Colin.
Not for long as we come across a choice, left for Colin's route or right for Lee's route through the Nature reserve.
We all decide on the Nature reserve route.

Colin's route nice surface and wide traffic free road

Lee's route narrow and muddy, Stephen's first injury.

18 Mile into the ride Stephen catches his elbow on a post drawing blood and nettles his leg when he stops to look at the damage,
it doesn't take him long to be injured.
The tree lined route has a lot of midges, Christopher opens his mouth to speak and swallows a midge, 
He's starting his lunch early, we all want to wait until Stockton.

The route follows the road through the villages of Long Newton and Elton.
A very quiet and pretty route then we cross the A66 and into Stockton.
The route crosses Stockton on winding cycle tracks with lots of junctions, the sat nav comes into its own and keeps us right 
all the way to the Tees Barrage white water course. We divert to Burger King.
We don't need the sat nav for this as Stephens nose leads the way.

Crossing the A66

Sat Nav does its job and keeps us on route

 After our lunch stop we follow the river round to the Tees Barrage white water course were some boats are in competition.
Quick stop to watch for a while then around the site, its a great place. We then pick up the  route to top of Portrack lane, taking the rough hilly option.



 Watching the boats

White water rafting on the Tees

 Across Portrack lane past the prison where there seems no other route options and well signed.
we follow the signs they take us into a housing estate where they drop us. 
The route is still visible on the sat nav screen so we cut across the estate pick up the route at a junction that was well hidden
It takes us up and beside the A19 but on a cycle track  behind a fence so is a nice ride, 
then over the A19 into Billingham. We follow the sat nav and it takes us past the Forum across Billingham
then out onto the Seal Sands road, bang on route all the way. The road is busy with wagons, we stop for a drink, 
carry on down an off road section as far as possible, luckily the wagons have stopped running so its now a quiet road.

Drink Stop

Stephen selecting Rick Astley on his MP3

The Transporter Bridge 

Roseberry Topping in the distance

We stop at the roundabout were we will go left and follow the Tees to the coast.
In the distance is the Transporter bridge which I had intended to use to cross from Middlesbrough to Port Clarence,
but unfortunately it is closed for repair, A regular problem with a bridge this old.
Further round is Roseberry Topping, famous for being the same shape as the Eiger in the Alps.

Then we follow the road along and into Seaton Carew, we pass the golf club and call in to view the new Golf dome. 
Its an amazing set up, very impressive.


We stop on Seaton Carew sea front call the girls, find they are still at home enjoying sunshine in the garden, so we have an icecream.

Stephen wanted a picture of me stuffing my face

Then flat ride along the front into Hartlepool  onto the marina where we stop at the Monkey statue, 
it used to be an insult to remind Hartlepool people about the monkey hanging now its folklore.
There is a boat coming into the marina so we stop and watch it, then into the marina area 
with all its food establishments and drinking places. 
We meet the girls and have a drink, it has been a very hot day and bang on mileage.

What will Sunday bring? 

Hartlepool Monkey  

Even with changes to route bang on the mileage

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