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Multidaymen 2009 Ride

6th July to 11th July

Whatís that? I hear you say, well once again read on. This is the 2009 log of the Multidaymenís latest cycle ride on their epic journeyís around the UK once again a year (well over a year) rolls by in the life of the Multidaymen, This year the 12th successive year.

For one reason or another the dates and the ride were not sorted this year until only a couple of weeks before the ride.

I know we were trying or intending to cycle down towards the Exeter area but with accommodation availability and achievable mileages, some of us arenít getting any younger, the route ended up as Warwick(Leamington Spa railway station) to Bournemouth Pier. Which looking at a map was more or less straight south.

Monday 5th July

Was the start of the ride for Graeme as he had Karen drop him off on the Cumbria North Yorkshire border at Birkdale moss at the top of Swaledale and he cycled down to my house at Marton le moor.58 miles

Just in time for a meal and then we were off to Ripon races for a good night of racing before the ride on the Tuesday.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5




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